South Africa

Hanshi Hans Haupt doing masterful Yoko Tobi Geri                                           HANSHI HANS HAUPT (9thDan)                        Breaking 1.5 Litre Coke Bottle

Hanshi Hans Haupt, 9th Dan.

Hanshi Hans Haupt holds the unique distinction that he was the first Westerner to discover and to be initiated into the Tenshinkan Karate Style (1976).

Currently, Hans Haupt holds the honorable title of HANSHI and has been awarded the honorable positions of:

World Liaisons Officer and Chief Branch Officer for Tenshinkan Karate.
Western World Chief Instructor for Tenshinkan Karate.
Chief Instructor for Tenshinkan Karate South Africa.

Hanshi Hans Haupt is currently ranked: 9th Dan in Tenshinkan Karate.

Mobile: +27824426701
E Mail: [email protected]


HONBU DOJO BUILDING                                                                                                           Honbu Dojo Entrance Inside

South African Honbu Dojo.
11 O’Reilly Merry Street,
Benoni. 1500
South Africa