Kancho Mamoru Miwa

Kancho Mamoru Miwa

Founding father of the Tenshinkan Karate Federation

Our World Chief Instructor is Kancho Mamoru Miwa (10th Dan) who is the founding father of the Tenshinkan Karate Federation and system of martial arts.

Kancho Mamoru Miwa was born in the North Region of Japan.  His family tree has a background and tradition linked with the Samurai. His father was a Shogunate Samurai and actively continued the tradition and principles of the Samurai during his life. His son, Mamoru Miwa, embraced his family’s legacy and began to train and embrace the principles of Bushido (Samurai) from the tender age of four. Martial Arts is as much a part of Mamoru Miwa’s lifestyle as air is to breathing, and he has trained and continues to train in various Martial Arts styles, namely Karate, Jui-Jitsu, Aikido and Kobudo (Karate and Goshin Jitsu are his favourites).

Mamoru Miwa first studied Karate with Master Gichin Funakoshi Sensei. He studied with such fervency and practised with so much sincerity and dedication, that Master Gichin Funakoshi gave Mamoru Miwa the endearing appellation of Tenshin, which translates to ‘The Sincere (True) One’. A fitting label for Mamoru Miwa, whose name means ‘truth and sincerity’.

When Master Gichin Funakoshi Sensei passed away in 1957, Mamoru Miwa, who was only 18 at the time, was placed under the tutelage of Chidoka Sensei and Takeshi Sasaki – the highest rank Chidokan instructor at the time. Mamoru Miwa practised Chidokan with Takeshi Sasaki Sensei until 1965, and quickly rose in the ranks by winning many Regional, Prefectural and National Championship titles in Kumite and Kata.

Upon obtaining his 7th Dan, Mamoru Miwa decided to part ways with Takeshi Sasaki Sensei. Although the parting was amicable, it was needed by Mamoru Miwa who felt a burning need, one fuelled by moral duty, to implement the original way of Master Funakoshi Sensei’s system of training that incorporated Tai Sabaki, Ju-Jitsu and Kobujitsu. However, Mamoru Miwa was not opposed to advancing his understanding and knowledge of his Martial Arts. Consequently, he would consistently research new techniques and styles, and if he found the technique or method to be superior, he would implement the improvements.

In September 1965, Mamoru Miwa established the Tenshinkan Karate Federation.

Mamoru Miwa incorporated Aikido and Jui-Jitsu techniques (Goshin Jitsu) and Kobudo (weapons) as part of the Tenshinkan Karate system, thereby forming a complete Martial Art. Additionally, the  concepts employed by the style of Tenshinkan Karate are unique, because they are also based on Tai Sabaki and Ashi Sabaki (avoidance).

In addition to Mamoru Miwa’s Martial Arts skills, he also holds a degree in Business Administration obtained at the University of Japan.

 – All JAPAN Kumite Champion.
1971 – All JAPAN Kata Champion.
1972 – Official FA.J.K.O. Team Coach to Sweden.
1974 – Chief Referee with J.K.F. [Japan Karate Federation].
1987 – Appointed by Japan Government as Karate coach for Jordan.
1988 – Appointed by Japanese Government to teach Karate in Syria (together with Kanazawa sensei).
1989 – Appointed by Japanese Government to coach Karate in Denmark.
1990 – Appointed by Japanese Government to teach Karate in Dakar.
1991 – Appointed by Japanese Government to coach Karate in Pakistan.