The Tenshinkan Karate Federation’s style of martial arts was founded by Kancho Mamoru Miwa in 1965, with headquarters based in Hasuda-Shi, Saitama-Ken, Japan. Our unique style of martial arts is based on traditional concepts, but incorporates modern fighting methods and techniques, like side stepping, avoidance, sliding, shift-step, circular and jumping kick techniques, as well as Goshin Jitsu, a combination of Aikido and Juijitsu techniques, forming a well rounded Martial Arts system.

The style’s founder, Kancho Mamoru Miwa, also believes that if one can improve on a method or technique in such a way that it actually enhances the performance and execution of such a method or technique, then it should be adopted with an open mind. He encourages this thought process so that one does not become blinded by traditional concepts that claim to be the “Alpha and Omega” (be all and end all), but rather that methods or techniques can be advanced, modified and improved.

Original Martial Arts as practiced by the Old Masters in Japan, incorporated techniques and concepts from Karate, Aikido and Jui-Jitsu. To make Tenshinkan Karate a well rounded form of self-defence, Kancho Mamoru Miwa developed a system known as Goshen Jitsu, which Incorporate Aikido and JuiJitsu techniques and methods into the Tenshinkan System.

Tenshinkan Karate is an international organisation that is affiliated with the Japan Karate Federation (J.K.F.) as well as the World Karate Organisation (W.K.O.).


The Tenshinkan Karate style is unique because it incorporates three different systems into one, namely Karate, Goshin Jitsu and Kobu Jitsu.

Some of Tenshinkan Karate’s unique concepts include:

  • Tai-Sabaki (evasion techniques and concepts) – 8 forms
  • Ashi Sabaki – 6 forms
  • Suri Ashi concepts – 2 forms
  • Yori Ashi concepts – 2 forms
  • Tobi concepts
  • Kaiten concepts
  • Directional concepts:
  • Happo Doza
  • Kara Zuki Ichi/Ni/San
  • Sabaki Doza
  • Hanmi and Gyaku-Hanmi

Tenshinkan Karate combines Aikido and Ju-Jitsu techniques with Karate:

  • Throwing techniques from Aikido
  • Throwing techniques from Ju-Jitsu
  • Escapes from Grabs and Holds.
  • Applying Locks, Holds & Breaks.
  • Grappling and ground fighting Ju-Jitsu techniques
  • Knife defences (48 different defences)
  • Gun defences
  • Other weapon defences

Unlike many other styles of martial art, Tenshinkan Karate also incorporates weapons training as a part of our system, including:

  • Kama
  • Katana
  • Kon
  • Nunchaku
  • Sai
  • Tonfa
  • Tekko

PLEASE NOTE: Tenshinkan Karate is not to be confused with what is known as modern “Mixed Martial Arts” (MMA). Although we offer a style that is a ‘mixed martial art’, we do not do or condone cage or ultimate Fighting.